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Solid Woven Belting

Our range of P.V.C. belting also includes a range of Solid Woven belts for use in general conveying or elevators together with a full range of elevator buckets and bolts and nuts.  

These belts are available in cut widths and are in classes 315, 630, 800 and 1000. Heavier classes are available ex-factory.   Solid woven belts are all anti-static, fire resistant and will not support a flame.

All solid woven belts conform to S.A.B.S 971-80 standards and can be supplied either "endless" or "spliced" on site.  

PVC Solid Woven belting has excellent fastener holding ability due to the nature of its construction.

Metric Class Imperial Class Thickness ± Weight per m² ± Minimum Pulley Ø
Class 315 PLK 180 5,4mm 6.68kg 400mm
Class 630 PLK 350 8mm 9.20kg 500mm
Class 800 PLK 470 9mm 9.52kg 500mm
Class1000 PLK610 10mm 11.21kg 630mm

** Dimensions and weights may vary from roll to roll.