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Light Duty PVC Belting

All belts purchased from us are available in endless form with an Overlap, finger or finger over finger splice, square ends or prepared for joining on site on our clients premises, during working hours or after hours. All belts can be fitted with a variation of profiles on the inside or outside of the belt to suit the clients requirements.

A full range of P.V.C. Belting is available in :-  

Single ply White Polyurethane top with a slider back, for use in the Food and Chemical Industries, also for general purpose usage. Black top with slider back is also available for use as checkout belts in Supermarkets and till points. Belts can be supplied in widths of up to 2000mm wide.  

2 Ply belting is available in White, Green, Black and Blue with plain, fabric or profiled surfaces on the carrying and bottom surfaces. This range covers most general conveying applications.

3 Ply belting is available in White and Green, with plain, fabric or profiled surfaces on either side, for the more robust applications.

We also offer a host of other belts for special applications including Anti-Static properties which we would prefer to discuss with our clients there-by tailoring the correct belt for the correct application.