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Due to the vast range of HOSES on the market, it is just not possible to list every hose or give all the relevant technical information.

This is a brief description of the more popular products sold by BELTCON.




MEDIA CONVEYED Air,   Water,   Gas,   Slurry,   Acid
INSIDE DIAMETER 6mm-75mm-150mm-500mm (A)
WORKING PRESSURE 100Kpa-7 Bar-10 Bar (B)
LENGTH REQUIRED 1m-30m-100m-1000m


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metric (mm)       6       8       10       12       16       20       25       32       40       50


100 Kilo Pascal (Kpa) = 1 bar = 14,5 PSI (Pound per square inch)
10m Water head= 10OKpa. (1 Bar)




BLACK MINING HOSE: Industrial air and water applications where a strong flexible robust hose is needed.

 A popular all rounder.

SPEC: SABS 988  W.P. : 800 Kpa up to 1700 Kpa
Size : 10mm up to 25mm Roll size: 30 meters

GREEN LINE MINING HOSE : Medium duty air, water and underground mining applications. A well known brand in the market.

SPEC: L.D. SABS 988 W.P.: 700 Kpa up to 1200 Kpa
SIZE: 10mm up to 50mm Roll size: 30 meters

GOLD LINE MINING HOSE : Outstanding for heavy duty mining and industrial applications. This is the top of the range in mining hoses.

SPEC: H.D. SABS 988 W.P. :800Kpa up to 1700Kpa
SIZE: 10mm up to 50mm Roll size: 30mm

OIL RESISTANT MINING HOSE (RED LINE) : Suitable for oil, air with oil vapours and oil lubricated pneumatic tools, even at high temperatures. Neoprene lined.

SPEC: SABS 988 W.P. :700 Kpa up to 1700 Kpa
SIZE : 10mm up to 50mm Roll size : 30 meters

INDUSTRIAL AIRLINE HOSE: Ideal for small air tools and pneumatic applications, where a strong flexible hose is needed.

SIZE: 6mm or 8mm W.P.: 1200 Kpa
Colour: Red or Blue Roll size: Random

WATER SUCTION AND/ OR DELIVERY HOSE: Hard wall, used in a wide range of mining, industrial and agricultural suction or delivery applications. Wire reinforced to prevent kinking.

SIZE: 40mm up to 500mm W.P.: * on application
Length : up to 30 meters Fittings/Flanges : Built in on request

WATER DELIVERY HOSE: Soft wall, an all purpose water discharge hose with a weather and abrasion resisting cover.

SIZE: 32mm up to 350mm W.P. : *on application
Length : up to 30 meters Fitting/Flanges : Built in on request

DUCTING HOSE : Super flexible for extracting fumes and dust in workshops, industrial plants and air conditioning systems. (Also available with an abrasive resistant liner.)

SIZE: 25mm up to 300mm W.P. : 100 Kpa.
Length : up to 18 metres

PULP AND SLURRY HOSE: Ideal for conveying an abrasive medium. This hose has a built in abrasive resistant liner either 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and is available in a hard or soft wall.

SIZE: 25mm up to 350mm  W.P.: *on application
Length : up to 30metres Fitting/ Flanges : Built on request

CONCRETE PLACEMENT HOSE: Used in any application where off loading of wet concrete occurs (mainly used in construction and shaft sinking applications).

SIZE: 25mm up to 350mm W.P.: * on application
Length : up to 30 meters Fittings/Flanges : Built in on request

SAND AND SHOTBLAST HOSE: Hose for all types of sand and shot blasting applications where and extremely robust but flexible hose is required.

SIZE: 25mm up to 50mm W.P. 700 Kpa up to 1200 Kpa
Length : 15, 18 or 30 meters

GUNITE HOSE : For use in all applications where an extremely tough abrasive resistant hose is needed. Ideal for heavy duty guniting

SIZE: 25mm up to 50mm W.P. 1000Kpa
Length : 30 meters

FURNACE COOLANT HOSE: Asbestos covered and non conductive. Used for conveyance of coolant water in foundries, steel mills or where a hose is required to withstand high exterior temperature.

SIZE: 25mm up to 300mm W.P. 1000 Kpa
Length: up to 30 meters

STEAM HOSE : Suitable for the transfer of saturated steam or super heated steam. Due To the hazardous nature of steam it is essential that the correct hose be selected.

SIZE. 12mm up to 50mm  W.P.: * on application
Length: 15 or 18 meters

BLUE PVC NITRITE HOSE: non conducting and non marking. This hose is ideal for applications of high temperature where a broad resistance to chemicals is needed.

SIZE. 12mm up to 25mm W.P.: 1200 Kpa
Length : up to 30 meters

WINE SUCTION AND DELIVERY HOSE: A food graded lined hose, developed to be light weight and flexible to improve handling. (Not suitable for spirits.)

SIZE. 25mm up to 100mm  W.P. : 500 Kpa up to 1000 Kpa
Length: 18 meters

BEER AND MILK HOSE : Odourless and taste free liner ideal for conveying beer, milk and fruit juices. (Not suitable for spirits.)

SIZE: 25mm up to 100mm W.P.: 1000 Kpa up to 1400 Kpa
Length : 18 meters

PETROLEUM SUCTION AND DELIVERY HOSE: Nitrite lined hose, suitable for use on petrol tankers to convey a wide range of petroleum products.

SIZE: 25mm up to 350mm W.P.: 700 Kpa up to 1000 Kpa
Length : up to 30 meters

PETROL TANKER DISCHARGE HOSE: Nitrite lined hose, extremely light weight and flexible for offloading of petrol from bulk carrying vehicles.

SIZE. 40mm up to 100mm W.P.: 350 Kpa
Length : up to 30 meters Spec: Ref 5

KERBSIDE PETROL PUMP HOSE: Hard wall nitrile lined hose, ideal for petrol and diesel pump dispensing where a flexible but stable hose is required.

SIZE: 20mm up to 25mm W.P.: 1000Kpa.
Length : 18 meters Spec: Ref 5

ACID SUCTION AND DELIVERY HOSE: Suitable for conveying dilute acids, salts and base solutions. (Heavy wall resists collapsing under suction)

SIZE: 20mm up to 75mm W.R. : 1000 Kpa
Length : 15 and 18 meters

AIR BRAKE HOSE: Nitrile lined with braided high strength synthetic yam reinforced for use in air activated automotive braking systems.

SIZE: 6.3mm up to 15.9mm W.P.. 1550 Kpa
Length : up to 18 meters Spec: SAEJ 1402

COTTON COVERED FUEL HOSE: Robust fuel hose used on all petrol and diesel engines. Locally manufactured to ensure quality.

SIZE: 3mm up to 12mm W.P.: 500 Kpa
Length : 10 meters

STRAIGHT RADIATOR HOSE: EPDM lined to withstand 120 C Ideal for the transfer of hot water or air in automobiles.

SIZE: 25mm up to 89mm W.P.: 500 Kpa
Length : 1 meter


PETROLEUM COMPOSITE HOSE: Recommended for use with most petroleum products, it is commonly used as a road tanker off loading hose. This hose will not be supplied without fittings.

SIZE: 25mm up to 150mm W.P. : 700 Kpa
Length : up to 12 meters

CHEMICAL COMPOSITE HOSE: Used as a general purpose chemical off loading hose particularly for concentrated sulphuric acid. This hose will not be supplied without fittings

SIZE: 25mm up to 150mm W.P.: 1000 Kpa
Length : up to 12 meters Spec: BSS 842

STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED HOSE: Conveys most manner of liquids and gases. It offers high working pressures and temperature, is crush, corrosion and penetration resistant and has a long life.

SIZE: 6mm up to 250mm W.P. : 800-6400 Kpa
Length  made to order W.T. :200 C up to 600 C

SELF STORING AIRTOOL HOSE: High pressure easy to use airline hose for pneumatic tools. Compact and recoils to original shape when not in use.

SIZE: 1/4" up to 1/2" W.P.: 1750 Kpa
Length: up to 15 metre working length

NYLON TUBING: Extremely flexible tube has a good resistance to a wide range of chemicals and can operate at a high working pressure and temperature. It is used mainly in the pneumatic industry

SIZE: 4-16mm 110' -1 /2' W.P. 4950-18400 Kpa
Length : 3 0 meters Important: O.D must be specified when ordering



GARDEN HOSE: A tough hose suitable for watering gardens, and industrial and agricultural applications. It is U.V. stabilized, cut and abrasion resistant and highly flexible.

SIZE: 12mm, 20mm and 25mm Range: HC 600, HC 800 and HC 1000
Length : 30  meters up to 200 meters

CLEAR PVC HOSE: Ideal for conveying liquids and gases in low pressure applications such as laboratories and aquariums. This hose has good chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

SIZE: 3mm up to 50mm Range: 6001 (Thin wall
Length : 30 meters 6002 (Thick wall)

CLEAR REINFORCED PVC ROSE: Used in a wide range of air, oil and chemical applications where a high pressure is used. Please note - chemical resistance to be advised on request.

SIZE: 3mm up to 50mm  W.P. : 700-1700 Kpa
Length  30 meters

BLUE PVC FUEL LINE HOSE: A nylon reinforced high pressure hose with a good resistance to fuel, diesel and LP gas. Cut and abrasion resistant. Available in opaque blue and red.

SIZE: 3mm up to 12mm W.P. : 1100- 1700 Kpa
Length : 30 meters Range: 7019 and 7029

BLACK / RED PVC AIRHOSE: High pressure lightweight hose with a good resistance to oil and chemicals, used on air tools and coolant lines to convey air and water.

SIZE: 6mm up to 12mm W.R. 1700-1900 Kpa
Length: 30 meters


FIRE REEL ROSE: Standard PVC Hose found on all fire reels and extinguishers. Highly flexible with a ten year design life. Approved by all provincial administrations and municipalities.

SIZE: 12mm up to 20mm W.P.: 1200 Kpa
Length : 30 meters Spec: SABS 1086

ORANGE PVC MINING HOSE: Standard duty flexible mining hose with a high burst pressure. Used on compressors, jack hammers and pneumatic tools.

SIZE: 10mm up to 50mm W.P.: 880-1700 Kpa
Length: 30mm meters Spec: SABS 1086

: Medium duty high pressure hose with a cut and abrasion resistant cover. This hose  is oil resistant and non absorbent.

SIZE. 10mm up to 32m W.P.: 1000- 1700 Kpa
Length : 30 meters Spec: SABS 1086

GREEN PVC MINING HOSE: A heavy duty top of the range hose. This robust highly flexible hose is lighter than rubber and is used in a wide range of mining and engineering applications.

SIZE: 10mm up to 50mm W.P.: 880-1700 Kpa
Length . 30 meters Spec.. SABS 1086

RED ROCKDRILL HOSE: Ideal for heavy duty applications where a hose with an extremely high working and burst pressure is needed.

SIZE: 10mm up to 50mm W.P.: 1600-4200 Kpa
Length up to 100 meters B.P. : 6400-1200 Kpa

YELLOW KANNAFLEX HOSE: Standard duty UV stabilized suction and delivery hose. This smooth bore crush resistant hose ideal for air and water applications where a vacuum/suction is used.

SIZE: 25mm up to 100mm W.P. : 310-550 Kpa
Length : 30 meters

GREEN KANNAFLEX HOSE: Heavy duty, lighter than rubber and designed to be cut and abrasion resistant. It is used mainly in the irrigation, mining, fishing and diamond dredging industries.

SIZE: 25mm up to 250mm W.P.: 240-970 Kpa
Length : 30 meters

NON TOXIC KANNAFLEX HOSE: Transparent and specially formulated to handle the suction and delivery of food products. (Complies with the United States FDA specifications for non toxic hose.)

SIZE: 25mm up to 200mm W.P.: 240-970 Kpa
Length : 30 meters

Light duty ducting hose suitable for air conditioning, dust extraction and conveying chemical fumes.

SIZE: 25mm up to 150mm W.P.: 225 Kpa
Length : 30 meters

BLUE LAYFLAT HOSE: Used on all applications where a lightweight smooth bore hose is needed. It is totally flexible, durable and can be easily stored when not in use.

SIZE: 40mm up to 150mm W.P.: 250-400 Kpa
Length: 100 meters Other sizes and pressures are available on request.

PVC VACUUM HOSE: Light weight, crush resistant and highly flexible. Used in a broad range of applications such as dust extractions, industries, domestic vacuum cleaners and swimming pools.

SIZE: 13mm up to 102mm M.V. 10% up to 70%
Length: 20 meters

WIREMOULD DUCTING HOSE: Suitable for conveying hot or cold air at high velocity. It is super flexible and can compress up to 50% of it's original length. Ideal for air conditioning

SIZE : 63.5 mm up to 355.6mm
Length - 3 metres maximum



WORMDRIVE HOSE CLAMPS: General everyday clamp used in wide range of clamping applications. Available in mild steel, composite or stainless steel and can have a fixed bridge or fliptop.

SIZE: 6mm upwards

Robust high pressure clamp with a single bolt and nut. Ideal for applications where a strong clamp is needed.

SIZE: 23mm. upwards

Top of the range heavy duty clamps consisting of two cast iron halves, with two bolts and nuts which are galvanized to prevent corrosion.

SIZE: 12mm up to 50mm




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