Welcome to Beltcon Industrials

Elevator Buckets, Bolts and Nuts

Beltcon Industrials is pleased to announce that we now supply a complete range of elevator products which include the following:-

BOLT “N” GO Conveyor chain with replaceable Nylon flights and forged links.
Elevator (Large Head) bolts and nuts.
Large oval , Domed and Fender washers.
Elevator belting:- SBR standard, NBR for oil & fat, MOR moderately oil resistant. FRASOR for flame retardant (anti-static), HOT OIL hot products, FDA White food quality, T150 for high temp 150°C, STEEL WEB high capacity rubber / steel mesh belting.
Elevator Buckets:- STARCO Pressed steel, STARCO Nylon, and many other types and sizes.
Electronics, hot bearing sensors, bin switch level controls, pulley alignment sensors, to name a few.
Design programmers to assist you in making the correct choices.
Beltcon also offers the following products and services:-
Fabricated buckets made to sample or drawing.
Pulley lagging either supply, fit on site, or workshop autoclaving to customers requirements.
PVC solid woven elevator belting and punching.
Elevator belt fasteners.
Pulleys manufactured and supply.
On site Splicing. Should you be interested in any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Beltcon for further information.